Producer v Supporter

So what is the difference between a Slow Food Producer and a Slow Food Supporter?

A Slow Food Supporter can be any company whether a producer or not. They can be food related or non-food related but whatever their sector they have lent their support to Slow Food Aberdeen City & Shire. We will, where appropriate, promote Slow Food Supporters at every opportunity.

A Slow Food Producer as mentioned above may or may not be a Slow Food Supporter. A Slow Food Producer is any producer who demonstrates a commitment to the Slow Food mantra of Good, Clean and Fair food and Slow Food Aberdeen City & Shire are committed to promoting such producers and hopefully help link them with their potential customers.

Obviously we would like all Slow Food Producers to also be supporters but then we would like everyone to be supporters – you can’t have it all!!!

Why not become a Slow Food Supporter?